I'm a professional musician, specialised in composing and sound design. I started to make music at a young age, being trained as a classical pianist. By experimenting with my own ideas I've developed a great passion for making my own music.

My creativity has quickly fuelled a desire to pursue a career in the music industry, leading me to develop my skills further and further.
In 2012 I attended the SAE Institute in Cologne, enhancing my sound design and production techniques.

Through my love of synthesis, sampling and digital orchestration I crafted a unique and varied sound in my productions.
My music comprises the broad range of my interests, from electronic to film music, commercial and experimental sounds, with elements of each influencing my work. My unique, uplifting and euphoric sound has not only attracted support from huge artists in the electronic music scene and my ever-growing fanbase around the world. It has also found its way into projects for brands like Mercedes Benz, Warsteiner or Geberit.

My main goal is to maintain a classically-educated approach to music composition and sound design, while using my knowledge of current technology to produce a vast range of musical styles and soundscapes.
I strive to explore new ways of how music can reflect and grace human emotion, mood, in the context of a story or world.


I always enjoy the process of collaborating closely with talented directors, designers, producers and other musicians, and I'm always looking forward to tackling new challenges.


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